Nicki Minaj Gets Her Own Barbie Doll

Rucuss staffDecember 2, 2011

Nicki Minaj has given Mattel loads of free publicity the last two years.

Minaj has worn ‘Barbie’ chains and even created ‘Barbz’ and ‘Ken’ fans. Now, the company has finally developed a limited edition Barbie doll in her honor. Mattel has created a one of a kind doll that will be auctioned off on The starting bid will be $1,000 and will run through Dec. 19. All proceeds will got to Project Angel Food. The organization provides meals for women, children and men affected by HIV/AIDS.

Janet Jackson and celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe have also auctioned Barbies for this charity. A spokesperson for Mattel released a statement about its company teaming up with Minaj:

“Barbie is obviously a pop culture icon. She’s been in the spotlight for over 50 years, and strikes that chord with girls of all ages in terms of being representative of the times. And  Nicki is a big part of pop culture and also huge within the fashion industry, as  well as a big Barbie fan. It’s really exciting for us that she’s been so  generous to allow us to create this one-of-a-kind doll to support such an  important cause.”

Nicki Minaj pink friday

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