Nicki Minaj Denies Ripping Off Designer’s Work

Johnnie WaltersSeptember 19, 2011


Rapper Nicki Minaj was the center of attention at fashion shows dressed in her wacky and colorful ensembles during New York Fashion Week.

But the one outfit that gained the most attention wasn’t because of the colorful puff balls. Designer Jessica Roberts claims Minaj wore a copy of her original garment. She has designed identifical items for SomedayNewYorker for almost three years. She refers to it as “Puff Ball” style.

“I am very upset by the fact that she was sitting next to Anna Wintour,” Rogers told “I admire Anna Wintour very much. I was hoping that one day she would see my garments and it would be the first time that she would see Puff Balls used as I use them.”

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Roberts claims she was contacted by Minaj’s stylist about using some of her clothing. Rogers sent Minaj’s camp images of her work but she never heard back.

But according to Hellobeautiful, Minaj’s stylist said Roberts allegations are false. Minaj’s style team said they never even met Roberts.

“That whole story about Nicki Minaj supposedly ‘stealing ideas’ or her styling team being in contact with that unknown designer is a complete fabrication. It is false! This is just a designer who wants attention. We have never been in contact with this particular designer on behalf of Nicki or any other clients we currently work with.”





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