Nicki Minaj Blasts Kirk Frost on Twitter, RaSheeda Reveals She’s Fighting For Her Marriage [Details]

Rucuss staffJuly 2, 2013

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars RaSheeda and Kirk Frost are having marital problems.

The reality stars have put their business out there for the world to see and it’s not pretty. If you haven’t been keeping up, Rasheeda is pregnant and Kirk doesn’t want the baby. He accused her of cheating and told her to have an abortion. Of course, that didn’t sit well with Rasheeda and their relationship has been on the rocks since then.

On Monday night’s episode, Kirk admitted he wished he was single and filmed cheating on Rasheeda. Kirk, Benzino and Bobby Valentino rented a cabin for the weekend and things got out of hand. Kirk was kissing, touching and fondling two women in a hot tub. The show ended with Kirk walking into a bedroom with the two women.

Apparently, Nicki Minaj is a fan of the show and she even chimed in about Kirk’s actions.

“Damn my n—a, after 15 yrs u wld embarrass the mother of your child while she’s pregnant on nat’l tv like that?,” Minaj tweeted. “cornballs on deck. for reality tv tho? My n—a…that s–t ain’t worth it. If you’re trying to convince someone you’re not gay that’s the wrong way to go about it. Your wife is pregnant. U do that on nat’l tv? GTFOH.”

Minaj added,”Having problems is one thing, broadcasting it on a tv  show for some air time is another. That woman stayed by your side. how  dare u? And i dare u to say it ain’t none of my business. u done sold it to vh1.  Its everybody business. Its levels to this s–t…lol…the lower level minds will  never understand that. You’re willing to ruin a 15 yr bond for vh1? el stupido”

Nikki may want to hold her horses on bashing Kirk. This episode was filmed a few weeks ago so things appear to looking up for the couple. Kirk and Rasheeda attended the BET awards on Sunday together. RaSheeda also talked to WGCI’s Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot radio show about the status of their relationship.

Rasheeda, who is do in a month and half, revealed she’s trying her best to make it work. Check out a few excerpts below.

On if she’s forgiven him: “You try to forgive but you can’t forget. I’m at a place where I’m like, ‘Wow, you really went there with me,’ but I’m with child. I’m not gon’ overstress myself or overwhelm myself. Am I standing there like, ‘Oh baby yes, I’m cool. I forgive everything.’ Hell  nah.[…]Right now he’s working hard trying to get back into my good graces. Just keeping it 100.”

On if he’s going to be in the child’s life: “That’s something him and the Lord have to deal with if he decides he don’t want to be in the  child’s life. You’re in a marriage. You’re in a commitment, and just because  eleven months ago, twelve months ago, you’re with it, and then decide a little  bit later you don’t want it doesn’t mean nothing to me. At the end of the day,  the man ain’t carrying the baby. The man ain’t doing none of those type of  things, so I believe in a marriage, you compromise. That’s what a relationship  is about.”

On their business relationship: “It’s just trying to make it work. At the end of the day, as long as we’ve been together and all the  business stuff we do have together, we have a couple of companies that [we’ve  partnered in.] You can’t just cut those ties off. We do have bills and things  need to be taken care of.”

On Kirk taking her name off the business account: “I’m not worried about that because when you’re a boss b—h, you got your own  bread. Like, oh wow, I’m gon’ really be sad. Okay, whatever.”

On what advice she has for other couples: “I advise people who have gone through whatever — because there are people who have gone through way worse situations than what Kirk and I are going through and have made it through — I advise people not to give up immediately. Give it a try and when you give it all that you can really give it, then you look to do other things.”

Listen to Rasheeda’s interview below:

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