NFL Star LeSean McCoy Fights With Baby Mama on Twitter, Deletes Account [Details]

Rucuss staffJanuary 27, 2013

Philadelphia Eagles star LeSean McCoy is having major baby mama drama.

McCoy had an epic war of words with his baby mama on Twitter, and he ended up deleting his account because of it. The woman who goes by the name Steph accused McCoy of abandoning his son, not paying proper child support, having herpes and penis enlargement surgery.

McCoy accused her of lying about being on birth control, which resulted in the birth of their son LeSean McCoy, Jr. He claims he didn’t know her name when they had sex in a week’s time. McCoy eventually got frustrated and tweeted that she was a ‘bum,’ ‘dirty alley girl,’ a ‘waste of life’ and ‘worthless.’

LeSean McCoy Baby Mama Steph Photo

McCoy tweeted out to his followers that they should assault her with tweets demanding that the “bum get a job.” And his followers did exactly that. Check out the Twitter exchange between McCoy and his baby mama and the NFLer’s current girlfriend Sidney Alex.

LeSean McCoy Baby Mama 2


McCoy’s current girlfriend had this to say about the situation.

Sidney Alex LeSean McCoy Baby Mama

Lesean McCoy Sidney Alex Baby Mama Tweets

The smartest thing McCoy could have done after this public blowup is get off Twitter. He should have vented his frustration to a friend and not on Twitter. She is still the mother of his son.

Photos via Twitter and Bleacher Report


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