NFL Player Tyrann Mathieu Asks 17-Year Old When Does She Turn 18 [Photos]

Rucuss staffMay 27, 2013

Arizona Cardinals rookie Tyrann Mathieu needs to be mindful of who he sends direct messages to on social media.

Nowadays, people will screenshot conversations and post it on the Internet. And that’s exactly what happened to him. Honey Badger, who has a girlfriend, decided to get a little personal with one of his Twitter followers by sending a direct message to a female named Alexis.

After a couple of messages back and forth, Mathieu asked the woman for her name and, more importantly, age. Alexis replied that she was 17, which prompted a quick reply from Mathieu: when does she turn 18?

Tyrann Mathieu alexis

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Check out their Twitter exchange below.

Tyrann Mathieu

Eighteen is the age of consent in most states in America, including Arizona. Glad the 21-year old cares about avoiding statutory rape. Let’s hope he cares as much about staying away from marijuana.

Sydni Paige Russell Tyrann Mathieu 6

Mathieu’s love of weed got him kicked off the LSU football team for several failed drug tests. reports that one of his stipulations in his contract is that he enter the NFL’s drug-testing program. Honey Badger, who signed a four-year contract worth a reported $3 million, could be tested up to 10 times a month.

Good luck with that!

Photos via Twitter and BlackSportsOnline and Sports Illustrated


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