NFL Player Reggie Bush, Fiancee Lilit Avagyan Welcome a Baby Girl! [Details]

Rucuss staffMay 8, 2013

Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush is a proud papa.

Bush and his Armenian fiancée Lilit Avagyan welcomed a baby girl on Tuesday. Avagyan’s rep confirmed the news to Us Weekly. Avagyan give birth to her healthy 8 pound, 9 ounces bundle of joy. The happy couple named their baby girl, Briseis Bush (pronounced Bri-say-is). It is a Greek name.

Bush recently revealed in an interview that his fiancee and the baby will remain in Los Angeles during most of the football season.

“The baby will be in L.A, Well, [Avagyan] is going to be in L.A. because her family lives 15-20 minutes away from us,” Bush said. “So she’s going to need that support system while I’m here for a few days out of each week. Then I’ll be home . . . I’m going to rack up a lot of sky miles, I know that.”

Bush, who dated Kim Kardashian who is also pregnant, first confirmed the news of Avagyan’s pregnancy in October during an interview with Florida’s Paul and Young Ron Morning Show. The host asked, “Are congratulations in order for you?”

“Yeah, yeah they are,” Bush said. “I have a little one on the way…We’re pretty excited. We haven’t found out if it’s a boy or a girl yet.”

Bush also revealed in the interview that he preferred to have a boy.

“I’m hoping for a boy,” Bush said. “Because if it’s a girl, I’m going straight to the gun shop to buy some guns.”

Bush is probably buying bullets right now.

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