NFL Player Kerry Rhodes Alleged Gay Lover ‘Hollywood’ Wants a Reality Show! [Video]

Rucuss staffApril 16, 2013

NFL safety Kerry Rhodes, who last season played for the Arizona Cardinals and is now a free agent, told TMZ he is not gay, but he is supportive of a teammate coming out.

It was a nice gesture on Rhodes part but more photos have surfaced that lead people to believe that he was lying. posted photos of Rhodes hugging on his former assistant who goes by the nickname, Hollywood. His former assistant is openly gay.

While the world is a much better place and gay men are accepted, it still may cause a rift in a NFL locker room. There have not been any players to come out of the closet while playing in the NFL. So its no surprise that Rhodes denies being gay. But its hard to get around these photos.





Now it appears that Russell “Hollywood” Jackson wants the world to know he and Rhodes weren’t just friends.

Kerry Rhodes Gay Love Bottom 5

Hollywood also wants his own reality show. He’s filmed a 14-minute video that shows his daily life. Check out the video below.

Photos via, blacksportsonline and Rolling Out


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