NFL Player Jermichael Finley Baby’s Mama Calls Him a Dead Beat Dad & Cheater on Twitter [Details]

Rucuss staffApril 22, 2013

Green Bay Packers star Jermichael Finley is having some epic baby mama drama.

Finley pissed off one of his kid’s mothers and she is now out for blood. Chelsie Bellisle, who is the mother of one of Finley’s five kids, went on a Twitter and claimed the NFL star destroyed her cell phone because she wouldn’t sleep with him.

Chelsie also claims Finley was mad because she allegedly had photos of him cheating with a woman by the name of ‘Jodi.’ She even makes claims that he’s delinquent with child support. And of course she made she to mention Finley and his wife Courtney in her tweets. Check out Chelsie’s rant below.

Neither Finley or his wife has responded to the allegations.

Finley shares two kids with his wife Courtney, who is pictured with Finley above. Both attended the University of Texas.

Photos via PlayerWives and ESPN


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