NFL Player Dez Bryant Says it was Redskins’ Dezmon Briscoe Who Likes To Get Peed On! [Details]

Rucuss staffAugust 1, 2013

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is doing everything he can to clear his name.

While most professional athletes ignore rumors, Bryant is defending the latest allegation against him head on. Someone running a now-deleted Twitter account called “NFL_NBA_Groupie” posted photos on Twitter of an alleged text conversation they had with Bryant.

The conversation included raunchy talks about Bryant liking strap ons and being peeped on. Bryant struck back on Twitter and denied the allegations and threatened to sue the owner of the account.

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Bryant tweeted, “For all stupid people I don’t have a Dallas number.” He then posted, “You can’t always believe what you see are hear … I wonder what happen whoever it was deleted the page LMAO!!!!! @NFL_NBA_Hoe whoever behind this account be prepared to be sued. .I already got the NFLPA on it.”

After Bryant did a little more digging, the NFL star has released text messages, which he has since deleted, that he claims he received from the groupie who tried to expose him.

The text messages claim it was Washington Redskins player Dezmon Briscoe who they wanted to expose. Briscoe used to date former Basketball Wives star Royce Reed.

Dez Bryant Desmond Briscoe 2

Dez Bryant Desmond Briscoe

Although Bryant was furious that he was exposed, he didn’t mind throwing another athlete under the bus to clear his name. But this is not the first time that Briscoe has been called out by groupies.

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A few other women that includes his baby mama  have blasted the football player on Twitter.

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