New Video: Ludacris “Bada Boom” (Drake/Big Sean Diss)

Rucuss staffNovember 24, 2011

Ludacris is pushing forward with is beef with Big Sean and Drake.

The rapper continues to build off steam from his new diss track “Bada Boom” that is featured on his 1.21 Gigawatts mixtape with a music video. The video begins with a montage of rappers’ diss lines and videos of Biggie, Tupac, Jay, Nas, and Lil Kim. Luda then keeps the camera below his eyes as he spits his verses.

Big Sean Running Scared, Says Ludacris Is A Legend And He Doesn’t Have Beef!

A woman dressed like Leeloo, which was Mila Jovovich’s character in the “Fifth Element” spray paints “Hoes, P*ssy, Lame Ass N*gga” on a white wall behind her before she mimics the ‘Pinky’ character from “Next Friday.” As audio footage from the movie is heard, she points a gun at the camera while she lip-syncs, “Say another m*therf*ckin’ word, and this sh*t is over! And I ain’t playin’, n*gga.”

The video ends with Luda’s verse:

The nerve of you n*ggas man. You ain’t got enough medals on your jacket to  address me boi! Fall back in formation, y’all outta line. I was told not to kill a moscito with a cannon, so the next time you n*ggas have a real problem, don’t be a coward like a n*gga that use to be signed to me, going on twitter rants and  sh*t. Say it to my face!

Ludacris Takes Shots At Drake & Big Sean on “Bada Boom” [Audio]

Watch the video below.

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