New Music: Trey Songz ‘Bandz a Make Her Dance (Trigga Mix)’ [Audio]

Peaches GrantOctober 2, 2012

Trey Songz is feeling the new single Bandz a Make Her Dance by Juicy J.

So Songz decided to give the stripper anthem a Trigga Mix. The R & B singer is rapping on the track while he brags about how he gets down at “Perfections on a Tuesday.”

“I beat it like a drummer/Give it up to the band,” Songz raps. “Bandz a make her dance, but Songz a make her f**k. These bitches know what’s up.”

Songz is also featured on Fat Joe’s Pride N Joy remix along with Pusha T, Ashanti, and Miguel. He drew more than 1,200 supporters to his Gotta Vote concert for President Obama’s re-election campaign last month in the state of Virginia.

Listen to the song below.

Juicy’J original version below.


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