Nerlens Noel Hit With Child Support Lawsuit, Demands DNA Test

Rucuss staffJune 17, 2014

Philadelphia 76ers star Nerlens Noel will not pay another dime of child support until he knows if he’s the father.

After the 20-year old paid 10,000 a month in child support for three months, he now wants a DNA test to determine if he’s the father.  According to TMZ, a woman filed a a lawsuit against Noel  in an attempt to get him to pay his child support payments.

The woman, who is named Jamie, claims Noel signed an affidavit in May 2013 admitting he is the father of her child the week after he was born. But Noel suddenly stopped paying and responded with legal documents of his own claiming he is not convinced he is the child’s father. He claims he signed the affidavit “without first fully reading and understanding” its content.

“[He] does not have sufficient knowledge of information to know whether [Jamie] engaged in sexual relations with other men during the times pertinent to this case,” Noel’s lawyer wrote in his legal filing.

The case is due back in court later this month. Noel was the No.6 overall pick in last year’s NBA Draft, but didn’t play a single game this past season due to a torn ACL he suffered during his time at Kentucky.

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