NeNe Leakes Says Kim and Sheree Rent Their Houses, Her Purses Are Real!

Rucuss staffNovember 21, 2011

NeNe Leakes held a private viewing party during Sunday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Leakes made sure she told anybody who would listen about what’s really going on with Sheree Whitfield and Kim Zolciak. For starters, NeNe claims that Kim and Kroy do not own their new property, they rent. She also claims that Sheree never got her house built she also rents.

NeNe even responded to a few tweets last night. She said the red Louis Vuitton that is shown in episode 2 was real and she is the proud owner of 10 Vuitton purses. Hi Haters!

Check out her tweets during the show below:

NeNeLeakes Typo: let me b clear! These chicks talk foul out of their mouth all the time! It’s never a problem until I do it!

NeNeLeakes It’s always ok 4 “Them” 2 foul shit about me! It’s only a problem when I talk about “Them” blame it on me! It’s alway my fault

NeNeLeakes RT @brittaycious: I hope @NeNeLeakes & husband come back 2gether! I hate divorces. Especially after all those yrs<he will always b n my life

NeNeLeakes It’s not about how good a husband looks! It’s about how they treat u

NeNeLeakes It’s a Shame how people claim 2 b so happy & n love but get on twitter & say all kinda foul stuff about people

NeNeLeakes 4 those saying my LV bag isn’t real…Think again, I have an entire collection! 10 bags! now call Louis Vuitton & ask them

NeNeLeakes RT @RoyaltyBreeder: @NeNeLeakes  grl yes & Sheree seems 2 keep sayin yo fuckin name! Sheree messy bitch< but wanna b classy! Yeah right

NeNeLeakes About my son getting a used car: if u a real housewife follower, u would know he go a Brand New Truck 4 Graduation! This is his 2nd ride

NeNeLeakes U know they gone have an excuse 4 renting! LOL! I buy my son what ever he wants! he liked it so he got it

NeNeLeakes RT @BOSPOTTIEOTTIE: @NeNeLeakes wait a minute u saying sheree is frontin & Kim is rentin. R u serious?<Right

NeNeLeakes RT @txarkguy: @NeNeLeakes you was so sweet with Brent<That’s my boo! He’s a smart boy

NeNeLeakes RT @tkahlor: Wait, so Kim hates on @NeNeLeakes 4 threatenin violence but bffs wit the 1 who really took a swing<Right!

NeNeLeakes RT @sexybella37: @NeNeLeakes how Sheree building a house. I thought the fool was broke<She was frontin! It was never built

NeNeLeakes RT @ViewMyRoyalSwag: Kim go move n2 you’re rented mansion & stop talkin shit about @NeNeLeakes<Right! She renting from Kendra

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