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RaiderNovember 18, 2011

Raider may not have a PHD in love but he’s an expert in life situations. He’s dealt with many experiences throughout his years and is ready to share what he’s learned, so bring on the questions.

Q. I don’t get along with my boyfriend’s mother. She has never liked me. What can I do to get her to change her attitude towards me?


A. Ms. Sonya,

Mother-n-laws have always been like that. I wouldn’t kiss her ass to get along with her because she will still act the same way. So just continue to make your boyfriend happy and don’t worry about her. You can respect her and show her all the love in the world, but she is still going to act like his ex. That’s just the truth!!!!

Q. I met this guy and I really like him. The problem is that my friend used to date him five years ago when she was in college. I normally don’t date my friends’ dudes, but I didn’t know her then. What do you think?


A. Ms. Cherish,

I think it really depends on what kind of relationship you have with your friend. It doesn’t matter how much she says its cool she might not like the idea. I probably would leave that alone anyway on the respect I have for my friend. Then again, he also could be playing you to get to her. Feelings could be hurt on this one, even yours. Be careful!

Q. My girlfriend has to go out of the country for six months. She doesn’t want to break up, but I think we should while she’s gone. I don’t want to break her heart, but if we stay together I’m going to cheat on her. How should I break the news to her.


A. Mr. Jeff,

It sounds to me like no matter if she goes or stays you are going to break her heart anyway. So you might as well tell her the truth so she will know where your feelings are for her. You can’t really like her that much if you know you’re going to cheat. If she is willing to love you and let you cheat then you have one sprung one, homie.

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