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RaiderSeptember 30, 2011


Raider may not have a PhD in love, but he’s an expert in life situations. He’s dealt with many experiences throughout his years and is ready to share his outlook on life. Bring on the questions, Raider is ready to help solve your problems.

Q. I make more money than my boyfriend and he has a problem with it. He never lets me pay for our dates and when I offer he gets upset. How can I make him understand that sharing the bill does not take away from his manhood?


A. Ms. Erica,

Some men were raised to take care of their lady no matter how much she makes. It’s not that he’s getting upset at you, but that he just wants to take care of you the way he was taught. Just continue to take care of the house and buy him nice things. I think he will appreciate that better. If you want to pay for dates I think it should be on his birthday or when you ask him on a date.


Q. I’m saving money to buy another motor for my car so for the time being I’ve been using my girlfriend’s car. I really appreciate her help, but I can’t stand when she holds it over my head when we argue. How can I make her understand that she needs to cut this behavior out?


A. Mr. Andre,

Some women will always find a reason to hold something over our heads when they have the ups. What you should do is find yourself another ride and show her you can make it with or without her. Then if she finds something else to argue about I think her heart needs to be tested to see if she is looking for a reason to move on. She’s either with you or against you. Trying to hold the upper hand on a person in a relationship leads to separation.


Q. My girlfriend loves Operas and I hate them. She always drags me along with her to these events and I can‘t take it. How can I tell her that I don’t want to go without hurting her feelings?


A. Mr. Frank,

Its going to be hard not to hurt her feelings by telling her you don’t want to go. So I think you should enjoy the moment some kind of way. I also think you should drag her along somewhere she don’t like to go. That way when she says something you can tell her how you really feel about the operas without hurting her feelings. In order for a relationship to work there has to be some understanding and compromise.

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