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RaiderSeptember 23, 2011

Raider may not have a PhD in love, but he’s an expert in life situations. He’s dealt with many experiences throughout his years and is ready to share his outlook on life. Bring on the questions, Raider is ready to help solve your problems.


Q. My boyfriend recently upgraded his car with a new paint job and rims. Now you can’t get him out of the car. He always goes for long rides but never asks me to come along. When I bring it up he gets upset. Do you think he uses his car to pick up women when I’m not around?


A. Ms. Gracie,

You can say he’s doing all kinds of things since he gets upset when you ask him about it. So just find you something to do when he leaves you home alone. I promise all that will come to an end if he cares about you. The next time he’s ready to pull off, he’ll be trying to throw you in the car too. Most of us men always put bullshit in the way of a real woman who loves us. You will know where his heart is at if he continues to try to shine without you. So put him to the test.


Q. My boyfriend’s job requires him to work long hours. He works close to 60 hours a week at least twice a month. When we do spend time together he’s either sleep or watching sports. How can I get him to pay attention to me?


A. Ms Susie,

I can understand your boyfriend working long hours to make extra money for the household that takes care of you. But what you need to do is put on some X-rated lingerie and walk around the house paying him no attention and watch what happens. The thrill has to be kept in the relationship by you since all he does is work. You need to have a bubble bath waiting on him sometimes. Obviously, you haven’t been doing the extra things you did when you got him. Men are weak to freaky things and that’s just the truth. If that don’t work, stay gone when he gets off and you will get all the attention you need.


Q. My boyfriend always takes control of the TV. He keeps the remote in his hand and we always watch what he wants. If I watch TV in another room he gets upset. How can we come to a comprise on what shows we watch together?


A. Ms. Mary,

I think he’s being very selfish with the television and your feelings. You have to break him down so he will understand where your coming from. Stay in your room and watch what you want to watch and let him get upset. He will get lonely in there by himself while your laughing watching T.V. and on the phone with your girlfriends. It’s sad to say but sometimes men have to be put in our place in order to understand. It takes understanding to make a relationship work. After you come to a comprise, you will have him watching Guiding Light.

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