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RaiderNovember 11, 2011

Raider may not have a PHD in love but he’s an expert in life situations. He’s dealt with many experiences throughout his years and is ready to share what he’s learned, so bring on the questions.

Q. I’ve been in a relationship for over a year now. I keep asking my boyfriend to move in with me but he doesn’t want to. He rather live with two other dudes in an apartment. Does this mean he’s not serious about our relationship?


A. Ms. Vette,

Do I think he is serious? “Hell Naw”!!! There is no way I would rather stay with two dudes over my lady who I’ve been with for over a year. Unless, I want my cake and eat it to. I’m surprised you haven’t moved on with your life. Picking two dudes over you, how could he be serious? Well the heart can play strange games with the mind. I wish you luck.

Q. My girl is always getting into arguments with other women. She even fights from time to time. How can I get her to be more lady-like? It’s getting out of hand!


A. Mr. Joe,

You just have to really put your foot down. You have to show her better than you can tell her. If she’s not willing to listen to you she will end up listening to other folks. On top of that, you better hope she don’t get you in a world of trouble. Let her know its your way or the highway. You need to explain to her that she’s making both of y’all look bad in public. Bro, if she not willing to listen it might be time to upgrade to the ladylike you’re looking for.

Q. My girlfriend has put on a few pounds and I want her to lose a little weight. How should I tell her without her getting offended?


A. Mr. Matt,

Just be honest with your girl. You be her motivator and her trainer. Let her know you’re not going anywhere even if she don’t want to work out. I think when she sees that you’re willing to support her she wont get offended at all. She most likely will love you more for being up front then going out and cheat on her. So put your training shoes on and handle that homie.

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