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RaiderNovember 4, 2011

Raider may not have a PHD in love but he’s an expert in life situations. He’s dealt with many experiences throughout his years and is ready to share what he’s learned, so bring on the questions.

Q. I have dated the same guy for ten years and since then we’ve broken up 10 times. We’re taking a break again, and I think enough is enough. But he wants to get back together. Should I blow him off or try again?


A. Ms Trice,

That’s a hard question for me to give advice on. Mainly because another person can never question another person’s love they have for someone. Ten years is a long time to be going through a bunch of break ups. My advice would be to go with what you think is best for you. It seems to me your life has been on hold a long time for nothing if you are still going through the same thing. So pray on your situation and pray God gives you a sign that will help you get on with your life. My girl, its time to get off the breaks and step on the gas.

Q. I’m a security officer and all I do is patrol a five-story building. Three women want to date me on my job. They don’t work in the same departments so I’m going to be friends with them. Do you think this will cause problems on my job?


A. Mr. John,

I don’t see anything wrong with being friends with all three. Now, if you trying to date all three of them then I think you will have a problem. I can’t tell a player how to play his cards, but dating three women in the same building is a bad deck. If they are just your friends you’re cool. But the minute you sleep with one then it might be a problem. So think with your head and not the little one because I know you like your job.

Q. I rarely go to my boyfriend’s house on Sundays because he watches football. I hate football and rather watch Lifetime so that’s why I don’t go. But he thinks I’m cheating on him. How can I convince him otherwise?


A. Ms Morgan,

You might have your hands full if your man don’t trust you. When you have to convince somebody you’re not cheating they have no faith in you. I guess if you want to convince him you should go to his house and watch Lifetime in the bedroom. When a man/woman thinks their mate is cheating that puts a bad vibe in the relationship. So do what you think you can to convince him, because y’all relationship is on a crash course.

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