Ne-Yo Talks About Finding Out His First Son Wasn’t His On ‘Behind The Music’

Rucuss staffSeptember 24, 2012

Singer Neyo really let his fans into his personal life on an episode of VH1’s Behind the Music.

Although Neyo is a happily engaged man with two kids, he admits he’s had heartbreak with relationships in the past. The songwriter talked about his ex-girlfriend Jessica White and a paternity test that unraveled right before his eyes during Sunday’s episode.

Neyo said White broke his heart. The singer recalls meeting White shortly after signing a deal with Def Jam. The two began dating and eventually moved in together. White, later, became pregnant and Neyo was believed to be the father. The couple named the baby boy, Chimere, which is Neyo’s middle name.

The couple appeared to be in relationship bliss until White called Neyo one day and told him, Chimere, was not his son.

“She just kept saying it over and over again to the point where I dropped  the phone,” Ne-Yo said. “Chimere’s not mine. That hurt because I had  attached myself to this guy. This was my son. I don’t know. I’m looking at  him and I’m like picturing getting old and this is my son… He’s not my  son.”
Ne-Yo’s relationship with White wasn’t the same after the paternity was revealed but he continued to see Chimere for months. White, later, sued him for money because he identified himself as the father in the state of California.
“I didn’t care who the father was. In my mind I was still Chimere’s father, Neyo said. “I was there when he was born. I saw him when he first came out. I held him. In the state of California if you put yourself out there as the father, the mother can then come after you for child support like  you’re the biological father. We settled out of court for what I feel like is an ungodly amount and shortly after that Jessica and Chimere vanished.”
Ne-Yo Jessica and son
Neyo claims he still has not seen or heard from white. Check out other excerpts from Behind the Music below.

Ne-Yo On Jessica:

She was just cool, that was the thing that attracted me to her. It was like, ‘I don’t give a damn about your money and that was refreshing to me. I’m gone all the  time working. Jessica would call me from time-to-time and go, I need some money for this or for that. I’m like, okay whatever. So I’m sending her ungodly amounts of money every single time she calls.”

Ne-Yo’s sister reservations about his relationship with Jessica:

“One month he was calling saying, “Oh, I’m dating this woman,” and then the next month it was, “Oh, we’re going to get a place together.” Everything was just like, boom boom boom boom. Fast. I think from the mother/sister perspective, we always kind of have our eyes open like, ‘Hmmmm, does she see dollar signs?’

Ne-Yo’s mother On her knowing Jessica was bad news:

“I strongly felt that she was not the right person for my son. I had suspicions immediately. In the  back of my mind I’m kind of keeping score and checking things off and then of course when the time came for me to put in my two cents, I gave a couple [of] bucks. So he wasn’t surprised by my suggestion that they do a paternity test.”

Meanwhile, Neyo’s fans thought supermodel Jessica White was the child’s mother. She tweeted,”News Flash.. @neyocompound fans, stans, & groupies I’m not the jessica that he’s referring to so please stop tweeting me rudeness ;-) Umm, I don’t have any kids sweethearts.. Please find the Jessica neyo is speaking of & Get your life & stay out of mine #DoYourResearch Duh!”

Watch interview below.


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