NBA’s Jae Crowder’s Wife Hacked His Instagram And Puts His Side Chick On Blast

Rucuss staffAugust 6, 2015

Boston Celtics forward Jae Crowder may want to keep better tabs of his social media accounts.

Crowder’s wife hacked into his Instagram account and posted a photo of his alleged mistress Erica Phillips. She claims that Phillips is a homewrecker and abandoned her son to live off of athlete’s money. She even alleges that she slept with Crowder in a guest bedroom while the family was in the home.

Crowder’s wife also claims that Phillips is a former drug dealer. Read her comments about Phillips, whose username is lil Tokyo, below.



After keeping the photo of the side chick up long enough, someone from Crowder’s account deleted the photo and replaced it with a photo of their family. They posted the photo below with the caption, “FAMILY IS FOREVER”

Jae Crowder & fam

Later Crowder deleted his entire account. Phillips responded on Twitter with, “People are so caught up into rumors (lies) that they miss the bigger picture.”

Lil Tokyo collage 1


Crowder is not the only athlete Phillips is linked too. She’s rumored to be dating NFL player Asante Samuel. Phillips has also been linked to Meek Mill.

Photos via Instagram


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