NBA Style: Philadelphia 76ers’ Nick Young Gets a 80’s Shag! [Photo]

Rucuss staffMarch 5, 2013

Everybody knows the Philadelphia 76ers are in disarray without Andrew Bynum.

The 76ers built its team around Bynum and he hasn’t played a game this season because of knee injuries. So the season has pretty much gone to the dogs. Players are resorting to desperate measures to gain attention and remain relevant during this slump. And Nick Young is at the top of the list.

The shooting guard actually cut his hair into a 1980’s shag. Yeah you read that correctly!

Remember that shag? It consists of a short cut at the top with longer hair by the neck. In urban culture, the hairstyle was called the shag back in the day, but in the caucasian community its called a mullet. Young posted the photo below with the caption: “It’s time for a Chang.”


This isn’t the first time Young has gained attention because of his hair. He loves to try different looks. Check out a few out below.

Here Young is doing his best Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ cover look.

And here he is with his best Rick James’ curl impersonation.

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The craziest thing about this is that Young probably put some thought into all of his hairstyles. Maybe Bynum rubbed off on him. Dam shame!

Photos via Instagram and Washington Post


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