NBA Store Accidentally Posts Dwight Howard New Jersey Nets Shirts!

Rucuss staffMarch 14, 2012

Everyone is waiting to see where exactly Orlando Magic post Dwight Howard will end up after the NBA trade deadline.

Many have speculated Howard played his last home game with the Magic Tuesday night and he will end up with the New Jersey Nets. But Howard made it clear after his team beat the Miami Heat that he wanted to finish out the season in Orlando, FOX Sports Florida reported.

Apparently the NBA store wasn’t notified about his decision. After the game, unveiled a Howard Net T-shirts. The shirts were later removed and, unfortunately, you can’t get a Howard Nets T-shirt just yet.

It’s been a soap opera surrounding Howard’s upcoming free agency. Howard has allegedly made it clear to the big wigs in Orlando that he wants to be traded, but he doesn’t want to be viewed as the bad guy. He also doesn’t want his teammates traded because of the move. Howard wants to stay until the end of the season so he can head over to the Brooklyn Nets on July 1st in free agency.


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