NBA Stars Will Participate in International Exhibition Tour

Rucuss staffOctober 20, 2011

While the NBA continues to be in disarray.

Many players are looking at other options in order to earn a income while the lockout is in full effect. The league’s top players are allegedly finalizing plans for a two-week exhibition tour. A team will travel around the world during what would have been the first two weeks of the regular season.

According to ESPN, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Amare Stoudemire, Chris Bosh, Rajon Rondo, Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, Carlos Boozer, Paul Pierce and Kevin Love are among the players expected to participate. Kevin Durant, Kevin Garnett, and Tyson Chandler are among a few others who are also contemplating joining the tour.

While the final details of the tour are still sketchy and many players are still negotiating contracts, it appears it will happen. Atlanta business mogul Calvin Darden has been putting the tour together with the players’ agents for nearly three months. He already has signed contracts from Bryant, Wade, Bosh, Griffin, Rondo and Pierce. Players salaries will range from six figures up to $1 million.

The tour will begin Oct. 30 and end Nov. 9. There will be games played in Puerto Rico, London, Macau, and Australia. Each game will be in an arena that holds at least 15,000 fans. Two games will be played in London and Australia.

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