NBA Player Stephen Jackson Threatens to Punch Serge Ibaka in the Mouth [Details]

Rucuss staffDecember 8, 2012

Oklahoma City Thunder handed the Los Angeles Lakers their 11th loss of the season on Friday night.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook led the Thunder to a 114-108 win over the Lakers. The Thunder made it clear that the road to the finals still lies through Oklahoma. The Lakers fall to 9-11 for the season while the Thunder improve to 16-4.

And of course, the game had its fair share of drama. Peace and OKC player Serge Ibaka got locked up in a brief standing shoving matching while fighting for position in the final minutes of the game. The incident resulted in double technical fouls.

Following the game, a former teammate of Metta World Peace’s Stephen Jackson, who now plays for the San Antonio Spurs, had a few choice words for Ibaka.

Jackson, who released a rap album this fall, took to Twitter to threaten who he called “Abaka” should the two have any problems the next time the Spurs and Thunder meet up. Jackson tweeted:


Jackson joined Metta World Peace in the stands of the Indiana Pacers-Detroit Pistons game to fight players and fans during a brawl in 2004.

Update: The NBA fined Jackson 25,000 for his threat.

Jackson also apologized on Sunday. He wrote the following on Instagram:

“I apologize to @sergeibaka, the NBA, and to all my fans for the comments I made. It was unprofessional and childish. I’m not a thug just a man who speaks his mind. It was not appropriate. I do apologize. Only a man can admit when he’s wrong.”


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