NBA Player Stephen Jackson Chokes Steve Francis in Houston Club [Video]

Rucuss staffSeptember 12, 2013

NBA free agent Stephen Jackson is an aspiring rapper off the court.

Jackson recorded his first album Jack of all Trades late last year. The former San Antonio Spurs player even got Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant on his first single Lonely At the Top.

Former NBA Player Steve Francis Debuts New Single ‘Finer Things’ [Video]

Jackson aka Stak 5 recently took his show on the road with a performance at a club in Houston. While he was doing his thing on the mic former NBA player Steve Francis stood behind him on stage.

But some confusion erupted amongst the group and Jackson began to argue with someone. The argument escalated and somehow Jackson directs his frustration to Francis. Jackson loses his patience and chokes the former Houston Rocket player (at 25:30 point).


And as if getting choked out wasn’t bad enough, Francis gets put in handcuffs and escorted out of the club. Watch the incident begin around the 25:30 mark.


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