NBA Player Mario Chalmers Finds Out He Has a Daughter Named “Queen Elizabeth”

Rucuss staffJanuary 22, 2012

Miami Heat guard Mario Chalmers is the latest professional athlete who gets caught up.

Instead of buying a box of condoms, Chalmers decides to take a huge risk. He sleeps with a woman and now there is a child involved. The woman told Chalmers he was the father but he was skeptical at the time.

Chalmers forced her to take a DNA test and as it turns out HE IS THE FATHER! The little girl is now 20 months old. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t have a part in naming the baby.

The Miami New Times reports:

Miami Heat guard has a daughter who goes by the quite regal name of “Queen Elizabeth.” She’s twenty-months-old now, but Heat fans didn’t get the birth announcement because Chalmers was only recently found to be the girl’s father.

Chalmer recently agreed to pay Queen Elizabeth’s mother  $2,600-a-month in child support. The Queen’s mother, whose name is probably not Anne Boleyn, is apparently a student who was only pulling in $800-a-month. That’s not the kind of money to be raising a Queen on.
She’ll also be receiving $12,800 in back paid child support.
Chalmers meanwhile makes about $61k a month according to Lambiet, and shells out $1,500 monthly for a chef and $2,000 for a bodyguard.
We wonder what the little girl goes by, Queen or Elizabeth? Hmm….

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