NBA Player J.R. Smith Breaks Up With K. Michelle Again! [Details]

Rucuss staffDecember 19, 2012

Love & Hip Hop reality star K. Michelle needs to quit while she still has some dignity.

After publicly admitting she wanted New York Knicks player J.R. Smith back, the two were spotted kissing at a New York club on Dec. 13. Michelle and Smith looked happy. They even tweeted that they were going home together.

But there relationship status changed in a matter of days. Smith got tired of the talk that he was in a relationship with K. Michelle and he wanted to set the record straight.

“…Thats not my girl! im SINGLE!,” Smith tweeted Tuesday. “I don’t care how u spell it! #NOWifey here Trix are for kids! If you ain’t like what I got to say then don’t deal me cards! #justsayin Sorry I ain’t like most! When I’m with someone I’m with someone! When I’m not I’m not! You don’t have to like it! #ITSME..”

When one of Smith’s followers reminded him he tweeted he was taking K. Michelle home from the club just last week, he responded, “First of all she sent it from my phone!”

Smith’s friend added his two cents about the relationship.

“They aren’t dating, they just hanging out and having fun nothing serious,” a source told “And Knowing ‘J,’ he will be moving on to the next best thing in a couple of months–Just his style. And if this works out then she must be the freak he has been searching for. Don’t get me wrong, Michelle is a freak, just not wifey material, and that’s just what he told  me.”

K. Michelle, later, confirmed what Smith said.

“Damn can’t I kiss a sexy man In the club without y’all marrying me off???,” Michelle tweeted. “I’m just young and getting it! He dumps me every two weeks, damn I thought I at least had a couple days left! Guess he didn’t wanna buy me no Christmas Gift???????????? Maybe he’ll take me back in JAN.”

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K. Michelle added, “We all get mad but it’s how u react to it. If u are mad at me a phone call or  text will do. Don’t show out. I don’t respect that.”

K. Michelle needs to run as fast as she can in the other direction. She is beginning to come across as desperate and there are plenty of fish in the sea.

But since the cameras are now filming the second season of Love & Hip: Atlanta we will get a chance to witness the drama unfold right before our eyes. And we can’t wait.


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