NBA Player DeShawn Stevenson Has a ATM…in His Kitchen! [Photo]

Rucuss staffMay 30, 2012

Brooklyn Nets basketball player DeShawn Stevenson needs cash at his disposal at all times.

So much so, he has an ATM machine in his kitchen. Stevenson posted a photo on Instagram of himself on Tuesday night in his kitchen. His purpose was to show off his rolled up light green slacks, button down shirt, glasses and bow tie. Yes, he was trying to pull off the nerd look that has become popular amongst NBA players.

But despite looking like a Leprechaun, the big ATM machine to the left of him took center stage. His Instagram followers couldn’t help but noticed the machine and quickly began asking questions and making up their own theories as to why he has a cash dispenser in his kitchen.

The 6-foot-5 guard never gave a reason so we have come up with our own theory. Stevenson has been in the league for many years, so maybe he’s trying to spend his reported $26 million that he has earned during his career wisely.

We’re guessing the ATM machine is for his friends and associates if they ever need money. Instead of asking the host for a few dollars they just make their way to the ATM.

We think that was a brilliant idea if its true. It’s just our theory but it makes sense.


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