NBA Player Delonte West Gets A Job At A Furniture Store

Rucuss staffSeptember 29, 2011

Boston Celtics player Delonte West has no shame in his game.

While many players are signing contracts to play overseas during the NBA lockout, West has put in applications at stores. Many thought West was joking after he filled out an application at Home Depot. West has made more than $14 million on the last seven years.

Check out West Salary History:

Season Team Lg Salary
2004-05 Boston Celtics NBA $939,480
2005-06 Boston Celtics NBA $1,010,040
2006-07 Boston Celtics NBA $1,080,480
2007-08 Cleveland Cavaliers NBA $1,889,760
2008-09 Cleveland Cavaliers NBA $3,850,000
2009-10 Cleveland Cavaliers NBA $4,254,250
2010-11 Boston Celtics NBA $1,069,509
Career (may be incomplete) $14,093,519

But apparently he doesn’t have any savings. West has applied for a position at Regency Furniture Showrooms in the Washington D.C. area. He claims he needs a second job “to stay afloat during the lockout.”

West tweeted:

And for even more proof he took a picture of  his application.

This is hilarious! Wonder where has his millions gone? Well, at least he’s not unemployed anymore.


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