NBA Player Al Jefferson Buys a Gigantic $23,000 Bed [Photos]

Rucuss staffOctober 11, 2012

Some NBA players are big men who require custom-made items.

And Utah Jazz center Al Jefferson is one of them. He wanted a gigantic bed that was much bigger than a king size so he special-ordered one. The 10 by 12 foot bed cost him a whopping $23,287 dollars!

Jefferson’s teammate Mo Williams was so amazed by the huge bed that he tweeted a photo of himself laying in it. The bed is so big it could probably fit at least five people and a few pets.

Jefferson is listed at 6-10, 289 pounds so its plenty of room for him.

And to prove the cost of the bed, a receipt of the purchase was tweeted.

Wonder did Jefferson watch ESPN’s Broke? If not, he might need to.


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