NBA Fashion: Russell Westbrook in Original Penguin Blue Shirt & Peach Cargo Pants [Photos]

Rucuss staffJune 16, 2012

Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook is the statement shirt king when it comes to fashion.

Westbrook loves his colorful collection of shirts and eyewear whether he chooses to wear frames with lenses or not. His wardrobe during the post game news conferences has stirred up quite a debate. While some like his nerdy and funky style, many have critcized his taste in clothing.

But it appears Westbrook could careless. He continues to rock inexpensive Urban Outfitter shirts to pricey Prada ones. Westbrook was spotted in Original Penguin clothing at Game 2 of the NBA finals Thursday night. He wore a $79 Barber’s Bliss Shirt, a $55 tie and $98 geranium (peach) cargo pants. His eye glasses are from the RVS Morro collection.

Westbrook didn’t rely on his individual style this time around. He wore the same outfit as one of the model’s on the Original Penguin website.


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