NBA Fashion: Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash Carry Man Purses [Photos]

Rucuss staffOctober 31, 2012

Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers stepped up their fashion game for their NBA season opener against the Dallas Mavericks at the Staples Center.

Bryant, in particular, looked casket-sharp in a slim-fit navy blazer, gray slacks, white crisp collared shirt and a pair of shades on Tuesday night. Although many gave him props for his ensemble, some couldn’t get past the object in his hand.

Many got a few laughs at Bryant’s expense. Although it appeared Bryant was holding a toiletry bag or a European carry-on, people did care. They were sure it was a man purse.

Once TNT cut to Bryant walking into the Staples center during the halftime break of the Boston-Miami Game, the jokes flooded Twitter timelines. But the Black Mamba wasn’t the only one that brought a questionable bag to the game. Bryant’s new teammate Steve Nash did too.

Nash’s purse, uh, European bag didn’t have a strap. The point guard had to carry his Louis Vuitton carry-on like a clutch purse. If you can get past the peach sweater and bow tie, he held it in a masculine kind of way. We think.

Dwight Howard wasn’t caught with a man purse. Not to say he didn’t bring one he just wasn’t caught  with one this time around. Howard looked sharp. nonetheless. He accented his dark-colored suit with a pink shirt and a plaid vest.

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Although the Lakers looked horrible on offense, losing to the Mavericks 99-91, they looked impressive off the court. Too bad their good fashion sense doesn’t help them on the hardwood.

Photos via Sportsgrid and NBA


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