NBA Coach Mark Jackson Target Of Extortion By Ex-Stripper Over Nude Photos [Details]

Rucuss staffJune 28, 2012

Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson will think twice about taking nude photos again.

Jackson was the target of a extortion plot allegedly masterminded by an ex-stripper he carried on an extramarital affair with, The Smoking Gun reports. With Jackson’s cooperation, the FBI arrested Alexis Adams and coconspirator Mark Shaw who allegedly tried to extort a six-figure payment from the NBA coach in return for them not selling explicit photos of him to the media.

Adams, 28, is out of custody after posting a $25,000 bond while Shaw, 40, is jailed in advance of a detention hearing scheduled for today.

The explicit photos were sent by Jackson to Adams about six years ago during their affair that lasted less than a year, according to the affidavit sworn by FBI Agent Beth Alvarez. Some of the images showed Jackson without any clothing, which included his genitalia.

During their affair, Adams worked as a dancer at a New York strip club while Jackson was an announcer with the New Jersey Nets. According to the affadavit, Adams called Jackson’s wife and told her about the affair after Jackson “made clear he did not plan to leave his wife” for the stripper. Adams also sent some of the compromising photos to Jackson’s wife.

Jackson, who has been married for nearly 22 years to singer Desiree Coleman, with whom he has four children with, released a statement about the incident, read below:

The personal information in the extortion scheme related to a woman  that I, mistakenly, had an extra-marital relationship with six years ago  — prior to joining the Warriors — when I was a TV sports analyst. I  made my wife aware of the relationship at that time, apologized to her  and we reconciled. Obviously, my self-centered transgression at that  time is not something I’m proud of, but I’m blessed to have an  incredible wife, mother and partner and I thank the Lord for her each  day.

I recognize the extremely poor judgment that I used both in  having an affair six years ago — including the embarrassing  communication I exhibited during that time – and in attempting to deal  with the extortion scheme at first by myself. I made some egregious  errors. I apologize for any embarrassment I may have caused my family,  friends and, of course, the Warriors.

At that time in my life, I  was not pastoring. Three years ago, my wife and I established a  ministry. With deepest regret, I want to apologize to my Church Family.

I was wrong. We must live Holy.


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