Must-See: The Best Man Holiday Extended Trailer [Video]

Rucuss staffJuly 12, 2013

The star-studded cast from the romantic comedy, The Best Man, has teamed up again for The Best Man Holiday.

The Best Man Holiday, a sequel to the ’90s hit movie, revisits the college friends 15 years later and brings the same drama and romance fans loved the first time around. But of course there will be some surprises this time around.

In the trailer, Jordan (Nia Long) has a new boyfriend that is white. Former stripper Candy (Regina Hall) and Julian (Harold Perrineau) are now married while trying to fight off Shelby (Melissa De Sousa), who wants her boyfriend back.

Terrence Howard Nia Long and Eddie Cibrian in the movie Best Man Holiday

Lance (Morris Chestnut) is still upset that Harper (Taye Diggs) slept with his wife Mia (Monica Calhoun). But Diggs has moved on with his life and is expecting a baby with Robin (Sanaa Lathan).

And it wouldn’t be a sequel without another big secret that will be exposed while the group are bonding on vacation.

Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think. The Best Man Holiday is set to hit theaters November 15.


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