Murdered Woman Warned Facebook Friends She Might Die! [Details]

Rucuss staffDecember 3, 2013

A Missouri woman warned her Facebook friends that she might be killed just days before she was found stabbed to death in her apartment.

On Saturday, Michelle Rowling was found with multiple cuts on the floor of her St. Louis apartment. She had posted a Facebook status update prior to her murder warning her friends that she might die.

“If anything happens to me tonight just let my kids know I loved them dearly and tell my momma I love her,” the 25-year old posted on her Facebook page on November 25th.

Michelle Rowling and Montrell Cooper

Less than a week later, police were called to Rowling’s apartment to investigate a disturbance and found her bleeding out. She was rushed to a nearby hospital and later pronounced dead, reports.

According to the St. Clair County State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly, Rowling’s post was in reference to the release of her ex-boyfriend, Montrell Cooper. He had been jailed since August for assaulting her.

Kelly said he wanted to keep Cooper behind bars but Rowling was uncooperative, forcing Cooper’s release on probation. Rowling testified on his behalf and managed to get his sentence reduced to probation.

Rowling’s relatives accused Cooper of murdering the mother of two because she was attempting to leave him behind and move on.

Woman Found Stabbed to Death Left Terrifying Warning Post on Facebook

Police are still searching for Cooper and are asking anyone with information to come forward.

Photo via Facebook


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