Morgan Freeman is Not Getting Married to His Step Granddaughter

Rucuss staffApril 13, 2012

Actor Morgan Freeman is a well-respected man in his profession.

Freeman is considered the hardest working man in Hollywood because of the large amount of movies he has starred in throughout his career. But in the last few years, some people have been taken back by a rumored romance with his step granddaughter E’Dena Hines.

Freeman has remained silent since the rumors surfaced, but now he’s decided to break his silence. Freeman denies having a romantic relationship with his 27-year-old step-granddaughter. He calls all the media reports as “defamatory fabrications.”

Despite reports that the two have been dating for almost 10 years and were planning to get married soon, Freeman claims it’s all a lie.

Freeman’s rep told TMZ that the actor remained silent for years because he didn’t want to “dignify these stories by commenting.” But now he feels compelled to speak out after the reports were picked up by various “mainstream media” outlets.

In Freeman’s statement, he said, “The recent reports of any pending marriage or romantic relationship of me to anyone are defamatory fabrications from the tabloid media designed to sell papers. What is even more alarming is that these fabrications are now being picked up by the legitimate press as well.”

Freeman’s granddaughter E’Dena also issued a statement. She said,”These stories about me and my grandfather are not only untrue, they are also hurtful to me and my family.”

E’Dena is the granddaughter of Freeman’s first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw.


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