Money Woes! LiL Kim Owes IRS More Than $1 Million in Taxes [Details]

Rucuss staffFebruary 4, 2012

Rapper Lil Kim probably has debt collectors breathing down her neck.

Answering incoming calls in her household from a strange number is probably unheard of. The Queen Bee is some serious troubles with Uncle Sam. Kim owes the IRS $1,026,862.42 in taxes, TMZ reports.

The Brooklyn rapper has not paid taxes since 2002. And since then, she has racked up a bill for each year. Her last huge sum was $86,000 for 2009 to bring her grand total to over the million dollar mark.

With hopes of a comeback, this is not the type of publicity that she needs. So her alleged publicist made sure he released a statement regarding her money issues. Alleged publicist CJ issued the following statement to media outlets on Kim’s behalf:

“It is a known fact that for some time TMZ has been running stories on celebrities or well known persons of interest and providing the general public and media with publicly accessible information on random celebrities and their private matters with the internal revenue service, this does not come as a surprise, as it is Tax Season and is a sell-able media opportunity, it is for no other reason that Kimberly Jones (aka: LIL KIM) is now the target of such random media scrutiny.

As it pertains to the story that was ran on TMZ (February 4,2012) regarding Lil Kim, we would like to inform fans, media, and the general public, that LIL KIM has hired professional attorneys to handle this matter (embellished by all standards via the media), and that she, along with her team of legal experts are working cooperatively and diligently with the I.R.S. and federal authorities to amicably resolve the situation.”

If this is true, Lil Kim not only needs to hire attorneys but also new accountants!


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