Mom Sells George Washington Shaped McNugget for $8,100!

Rucuss staffMarch 7, 2012

A Nebraska woman has sold a three-year old McDonald’s chicken mcnugget that resembles President George Washington for $8,100 on eBay.

Rebekah Speight sold the mcnugget to raise money for a drive that had a $15,000 goal. The money will be used to send 50 children to summer church camp in Sioux City.

Speight said she found the mcnugget three years ago when her kids didn’t eat all their food. She was about to toss the mcnuggets away when she spotted Washington’s resemblance on one. Speight kept the mcnugget in her freezer.

eBay had temporarily taken down the auction last month because it violated rules regulating expired food. But the sale was reinstated because Speight was raising money for charity.


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