Missing Doctor Teleka Patrick Stalked Gospel Singer Marvin Sapp [Details]

Rucuss staffJanuary 3, 2014

Missing medical resident Teleka Patrick was reportedly stalking gospel singer Marvin Sapp prior to her disappearance.

Target 8 News reported late Thursday that Sapp filed for a personal protection order in Kent County in September. In the court filing, Sapp claims that Patrick had been referring to him as her husband. She allegedly moved from California to western Michigan to join his church, the Lighthouse Full Light Center Church.

Prior to her disappearance, Patrick filmed a video that showed her cooking omelets and pancakes for Sapp. She was allegedly obsessed with Sapp. Patrick, a resident doctor at the Borgess Hospital in downtown Kalamazoo, vanished shortly after an unsuccessful attempt to book a hotel room on Dec. 5.

Police, who do not suspect foul play, had hoped YouTube videos would hold the key to Patrick’s disappearance. In one video, Patrick talks and sings to someone she refers to as “baby” and “love.”

In a request for a restraining order, Sapp wrote that Patrick was stalking him. Sapp claims Patrick move to Michigan to join his church and had contacted his three children and had been to his home. He said he had “over 400 page(s) of correspondence from her to which I have never responded.”


He added that Patrick’s stalking had gone on for at least a year prior to her moving to Michigan. Sapp said Patrick claimed him as her husband.

“Throughout my career, my family and I have fallen victim to inappropriate attempts to contact me by several unknown individuals,” Sapp said in a statement to Target 8 news on Thursday. “As a father of three and pastor of one of the largest congregations in west Michigan, I cannot take this kind of obsessive attention lightly. Given these previous acts, I have taken several security measures, which have included obtaining a protective order to ensure our safety.”

Family members called the stalking allegations “surprising” and “confusing.” They said Patrick did not have a romantic interest in anyone. The family believes Patrick is a victim of foul play. Off the record, police suspected Patrick may have staged her own disappearance to attract the attention of her mystery man.

Patrick was last seen Dec. 5 in the parking lot of Borgess Medical Center in Kalamazoo by a shuttle driver with the Radisson Hotel. Her car was found later that evening, nearly 100 miles away in a ditch off I-94 near Porter, Ind.

Patrick’s former husband, Ismael Calderon, also told the Grand Rapids TV station Wednesday that it was possible she had a serious mental condition and could be in danger.

Patrick’s family has set up a gofundme account to raise money to assist in the search for Patrick. The fund has raised $35,000 so far.

Photos via IBTimes.com, AmericaPreachers.com and Allvoices.com


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