Mimi Faust Shows Off Boyfriend, Stevie J Says He’s a Stunt Double [Photo]

Rucuss staffJanuary 9, 2013

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Mimi Faust has a type.

MiMi may not in a relationship with costar Stevie J any longer, but she’s found the next best thing. A man who looks just like him. Mimi sat down with Atlanta’s V-103 radio personality Egypt for an interview and revealed that she has a boyfriend.

His name is Nikko and he is a producer. He moved to Atlanta two months ago for Mimi and will be featured on the show. The two have been friends for years.

Photo Credit: V-103

Mimi also set the record straight about rumors that Stevie has full custody of their daughter, Eva. She claims Stevie tweeted he had custody because he was mad that she didn’t want to come inside when she dropped Eva off to see her grandfather.

“His dad was in town,” Mimi told Egypt. “Eva has not seen her grandfather since she was maybe 18 months. I went over, dropped the baby off so she could spend time with her grandfather. And that’s the jist of his having custody. [We] Never went to court ever. He invited me in and I said why would I do that?”

Mimi wants her fans to know that she is over Stevie.

“There is no relationship there,” Mimi said. “I try to co-parent. I’m not sure what he’s doing or trying to do. Obviously you see what he’s trying to do. He’s messy, lying, still constant. It never stops.”

Meanwhile Stevie J is not happy about Mimi’s boyfriend being featured on the show. Stevie told The Ryan Cameron Morning Show that Mimi and producer Mona Scott-Young better think twice about adding Nikko to the cast.

“Don’t use my kid to promote a stunt double,” Stevie said Wednesday. “Dude been trying to get a deal for like 40 years. Mona and Mimi y’all better think this one out. Not with my daughter. Don’t use my daughter to get on the radio.”

Stevie added,”If anybody wants some good sloppy seconds, go ahead. You gotta watch the show but Mimi and Joseline, we shared something special at one time, at the same damn time.”

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is currently filming a new season and will air later this year.

Photo via V103


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