Mike Epps Talks Feud With Daughter: “My Kid is Turning into Bobbi Kristina!” [Video]

Peaches GrantApril 2, 2012

Mike Epps is finally opening up about his feud with his daughter Bria.

Epps and his 18-year old daughter made headlines last month after she called the cops and told them he he threatended to ‘F-uck her up.’ Bria, who filed a police report, even recorded the phone coversation with her father and released the audio to media outlets.

Bria claims she became angry after Epps mentioned his two youngest daughters on the Wendy Williams Show and didn’t bother to mention her. Epps claims the argument stems from a tuition bill she wanted him to pay.

Epps visited Chicago’s 107.5 radio station and talked about the incident. The comedian did his best to make light of the situation with a few jokes. One being that Bria was turning into Bobbi Kristina. But he quickly said he was kidding. He took a few jabs at his baby mama but didn’t apolize for those. Epps said Bria’s mother looks like James Brown. He finally talked about working with Whitney Houston on Sparkle.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

On the Drama with His Daughter Bria & Her Mom:

Man, God is so good he been keeping me on the road. I been trying to keep my kids…my kids is turning into Bobbi Kristina on me. Nah, I’m just kidding. You know my daughter went off on me. You know how it go, man. It’s hard raising teenagers, man. As soon as they get a certain age they want to start challenging [you]. You have to remind them, that’s my scrotum talking to me. That’s what you tell your kids next time — fellas, when they talk crazy, say, ‘My balls is talking crazy. My scrotum’s talking crazy.’

On Working With Whitney Houston on Sparkle:

It was great man. You know we all loved Whitney Houston man, her spirit was really, really great. I was really starstruck to be in front of her when I was working with her. It was like, man, that’s Whitney Houston! She was a real woman. Whitney Houston was — and still her spirit [is] — was so real. A regular, real person that you just felt like you knew her outside of her art, you just knew her as a person. I just think that her spirit continues to live. Her body may not be here but her spirit is really, really strong. You can still feel it, and her presence in this movie is great, so make sure y’all go check that out.

Watch the full interview below.


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