Mike Epps Says ‘Last Friday’ Photo Is Fake, They Not Doing Sh*t! [Details]

Rucuss staffJuly 31, 2012

Comedian Mike Epps has ruined many fans hopes of a Christmas release of the Last Friday.

As it turns out, Epps said the poster with Chris Tucker sitting in a chair floating around the internet is fake. Although writer/producer Ice Cube has confirmed to numerous media outlets that the movie is in the works, Epps claims the distribution company has not given it the greenlight yet.

Mike Epps informed his followers on Twitter: “THAT last friday sh*t THEY PUT up IS fake WE not doin sh*t until New Line SAY SO! THAT last friday TWITTER account IS fake WE dont Know HIS *SS unfollow HIS *SS!! GROUPIE”

The ‘groupie’ Epps is referring to made the poster below and it has been circulating on the social media networks. The photo quickly went viral with fans voicing their excitement about the new movie.

There will be a fourth and final installment in the Friday franchise but details with filming has not been confirmed. Cube has made it clear that all the characters in the franchise are welcomed to participate in the movie.

Tucker will be a busy man. A Rush Hour 4 film with Jackie Chan is also in the works.


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