Michael Jordan’s Birth Certificate Sells For Big Bucks at Auction! [Details]

Rucuss staffAugust 2, 2013

Fans have wanted a piece of basketball legend Michael Jordan for decades.

And avid fans have been able to purchase some memorabilia from Jordan at various auctions. Autographed shoes, jerseys and other sports items have been constant pieces at various auctions, but more personal items are coming out the woodwork.

A year after one of Jordan’s old American Express cards sold in an auction, the former Chicago Bulls star’s birth certificate was sold to the highest bidder.

Terez Owens reports that Jordan’s official birth certificate sold for $26,290 at Heritage Auctions on Thursday night. It shows that Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York in February of 1963. Check it out below.


Just a small price to pay for piece of history.

Photo via Terez Owens and FoxBusiness.com


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