Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant Have a Few Laughs at All-Star Party [Photo]

Rucuss staffFebruary 26, 2012

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are in Orlando for the NBA All Star Weekend.

That’s no surprise. But what caught a few people off guard was the fact that the two were laughing and in deep conversation at a All Star party on Saturday night. After a video surfaced of Kobe Bryant proclaiming he was better than Jordan, even giving the greatest player title to Wilt Chamberlain, we didn’t think these two would be joking around.

Kobe Bryant Says He’s Better Than Michael Jordan [Video]

Jordan probably didn’t give the video or Kobe’s comments a second thought. And who knows, Kobe may be kissing his ass during this conversation. Kobe may have said,” I’m sorry Jordan, you know you the greatest. They caught me off guard.”


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