Metta World Peace Says He Can’t Get a Date Because of ‘Elbow Incident’

Rucuss staffApril 28, 2012

Metta World Peace admits he’s having trouble with the ladies since the elbow incident.

According to the Los Angeles Laker star, women aren’t giving him the time of day. He claims women are keeping a distance because of the infamous elbow. Metta World Peace AKA Ron Artest is on a seven-game suspension for a violent elbow to the head of Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden.

His elbow gave Harden a concussion. He missed the last two games of the Thunder’s regular season but is expected to play in Game 1 vs. the Dallas Mavericks today (Saturday). He’s had plenty of Twitter rants since his suspension but the most noteworthy one has to be about women. World Peace tweeted:

Check out some more of his tweets below.

On his family support:

“My dad called me Metta dumb (expletive)…. My family are really no support.. Dad it was an accident”

On former players-turned-TV analysts:

“Bill Walton use to be my second dad… He abandoned me:(( Shaq use to be my big brother…he hates me.. Jon Barry.Well Jon is a pin head Jk”

“Damnit.. Can I get a date… Promise no elbows.. It was an accident… Damnit Jon Barry and bill walton Telling people I did it on purpose.”

“Steven a smith said I’m cookcoo… Not cool buddy …… U told me I was ur man.. All good .. U r a real reporter so I respect it…,”

His predictions:

“I’m looking forward to the playoffs…. I think okc wins in 5 or 4… I think Miami wins in 7… I also think.. Yal ready for this???”

On Harden:

“One thing that is helping breathe again is that Mr.Harden is ok… I can get my humor back. I can’t lie ; I was very frustrated…..”

“Please don’t praise me for accidentally hitting James in the head…. That’s not how I like to play… However I will be more aggressive ..”

On going out in public:

“I’m out socially right now..Lots of girls.. Just conversation.. But they scared to sit next to me.The afraid of my elbows.Not a good feeling”

On racists tweets:

“On a real note.. All you racist guys tweeting me nonsense… Not called for… Dicki V.. An accident .. Your comments r over the top…”

If you missed the elbow incident, check it out below.


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