Mendeecees Harris Testifies, Denies Molesting 15-Year Old [Details/Photos]

Rucuss staffFebruary 7, 2013

Love & Hip Hop New York star Mendeecees Harris took the stand during his molestation trial in New Jersey Thursday.

Harris, who is the boyfriend of LHHNY star Yandy Smith, is accused of molesting a 15-year old girl of a former girlfriend. Harris is charged with promoting prostitution, criminal sexual contact, aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault by a foster parent/guardian, endanger welfare of children and a few more charges.

On Tuesday, the victim, who is now-19, told jurors Harris went from being a “father figure” she could trust to someone who forced her into sex for money after she moved into his Lodi home in the summer of 2009. Harris denied all allegations while on the stand Thusday.

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CliffViewPilot reports:

VH1 “Love & Hip Hop” star Mendeecees Harris testified today that he hardly knew the woman who said he coerced her into oral sex in his Lodi home when she was 15.

“No.  No way. No, no,” he said as his attorney, Brian Neary, asked Harris whether he was guilty of any of the charges against him.

“I never had a relationship with her, she never extended herself,” said Harris, taking the stand in  his own defense. “She didn’t play basketball, she didn’t play Playstation, didn’t want to go to the movies.

“She always walked around the house like she had an attitude,” he said.

“That’s the truth – never, never – I never committed none of them acts to that girl in my life.”

Harris also went through great pains during two hours of morning testimony to dispel any impression of himself as being casual about sex.

Questioned first by Neary and then by Assistant Bergen County Prosecutor Demetra Maurice, Harris outlined relationships with three different women:

  • the mother of Mendeecee Harris Jr., his young son;
  • the victim’s mother, whom he testified he knew “from the streets in Harlem” and lived with in both Hackensack and Lodi;
  • fellow “Love & Hip Hop” star, producer Yandy Smith, whom he began seeing romantically in the spring of 2009 and had a baby son with in 2011.

Yandy Smith in Superior Court in Hackensack today before Mendeecees Harris testifies in teen sex trial STORY / PHOTOS: Mary K. Miraglia for CLIFFVIEWPILOT.COM (No re-use without permission.)

Smith was among those who listened intently as Harris testified in the Hackensack courtroom.

Wearing a blue suit, pink dress shirt and multi-striped tie, Harris remained calm and composed as he contradicted each and every allegation made by the woman during her testimony – while offering information that at times was peripheral to the case.

He insisted that he was living in Lodi with the victim, her mother and their three boys in order to protect his $50,000 down payment on the house after discovering his name wasn’t on the deed.

“I told her we need to either sell the house or you need to give me my down payment out,” Harris said. “My stuff was in boxes in the hallway for months.”

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Read the full transcript of Harris’ testimony here.


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