Meet Love & Hip Hop’s Scrapp Deleon’s Main Girlfriend And Son

Rucuss staffJune 23, 2016

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Scrapp Deleon is currently behind bars.

The reality star wont be back for another season anytime soon because he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for a drug conviction. During Monday night’s episode, cameras were rolling when the judge handed him the sentence. But the bright side is he will only serve the minimum of five years. He will also have to pay $100,000 fine.

Before the verdict was handed down, Scrapp asked for leniency. Scrapp, whose real name is Will Cortez Robinson, also revealed that he had two boys. Viewers knew about his oldest son that was featured on the show but were clueless about his second child.

Turns out, Scrapp has a baby, Akil, with an Atlanta hairstylist named Erica.


Erica has many celebrity clients. it’s rumored that Scrapp and Erica lived together before he entered prison. No word on why she wasn’t featured on the show.

Scrapp thanked fans from behind bars. Watch the video below.

Photos via Instagram and Twitter


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