Meet Alabama’s All Male Cheerleading/Dance Team! [Photos/Video]

Rucuss staffJune 20, 2013

The day has finally come when females are no longer needed on a cheerleading squad.

That’s right folks, there is a cheerleading squad that consists of all males. The Prancing Elites is out of Mobile Alabama. The group wears uniforms that consist of mid-drift shirts and short tights. On their facebook page, the squad explains they work around the clock because they have a passion for dance.

“Thanks for the support,” the FB description reads. “we work very hard to get to where we are..sometimes day in and day out..long late night practices and even early morning  practices..we have a passion for the art of DANCE, so no matter how we perform it..its our EXPRESSION OF ART”

Its unclear who the squad cheer or dance for but they are definitely entertaining. Check out a few of the dancers and performance below.

Photo: @kha'lil dickerson #PrancingElites member 2013 #teamCaptain


Photo: @adrian clemons #PrancingElites member 2013 #teamTaildog

Photo: @timothy smith #PrancingElites member 2013

Photo: @jerel maddox  #PrancingElites member 2013

Photo: @kareem davis  #PrancingElites member 2013

Watch ta few of their performances below.

Photos via Facebook


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