Meeka Claxton Wants To Know Why She Didn’t Receive the Same Support As Kesha Against Tami Roman

Peaches GrantMay 22, 2012

Former Basketball Wives cast-member Meeka Claxton is a bit confused.

Claxton wants to know why everyone is upset over Tami Roman bullying costar Kesha Nichols, but when it happened to her a year ago she didn’t receive the same support. Both were verbally assaulted by Roman but Claxton was also physically assaulted. She received a blow to the face by Roman while in Rome during season three.

Claxton sued Roman for assault and battery. According to the lawsuit, Claxton claims she “assaulted, battered, beat, threatened, menaced, attacked, jumped on, pushed to the ground, thrashed, punched, and shoved” her,  causing serious injury. Meeka wants Tami to pay for unspecified damages caused by emotional and physical assault.

Although, Meeka wanted to return for a another season of the show, VH1 did not renew her contract. Tami returned to the show and is now in the middle of severe backlash over her confrontation with Kesha.

Basketball Wives: Tami Roman Makes Public Apology To Kesha Nichols [Details]

Meeka expressed her disappointment over the situation on her blog. Here’s an excerpt from her blog, she wrote:

Am I mad? No, more like I’m disappointed.

When I was attacked everyone thought it was funny. No one thought her actions were disgraceful. As a matter of fact the very same ladies (for lack of a better word) that are “hurt” by the backlash, joked about me being attacked. They laughed and even called me names for taking a stand against her.

I thought pressing charges was wack? Oooooh, I get it…it’s wack when it’s not you!

They all (except Royce) stood behind her, co-signing her actions. But now you want everyone to believe you want balance? As much as their hypocrisy bothers me, I expect it because now their actions threaten their money. So, I knew the crocodile tears weren’t far behind.

What really hurts me are all of the talk show hosts and journalists that are suddenly disturbed by what they are seeing. Taking stands, boycotting, signing petitions etc…Isn’t this what I contacted all of you about last year? I asked for your support, none of which I received. But now it’s a problem? So, it was ok for me to be physically assaulted? Where was all of this “Call To Action” last year? Am I less of a human being?

The difference between the two incidents were Kesha appeared frighten and did nothing to warrant the actions of Tami’s verbal assault this season. While Meeka tried her best to become a member of their inner circle. She also did her fair share of gossiping and playing both sides of the field.

Did Meeka’s actions warrant a slap in the face, no. But she didn’t appear to take the situation as seriously as she is now.


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