Meek Mill Puts Begging Friend on Blast! [Details]

Rucuss staffMay 22, 2013

Meek Mill has had enough with people begging for things.

The Amen singer reached his boiling point when a man by the Twitter name of @ConwayBeatz asked for $5,000 through direct message. Mill decided to put the man on blast. He tweeted, “I don’t put up sh*t like this 2 play a nig*a…. I put it up 2 let u kno why I don’t b f*cking wit these weak begging ass nig*as…. I knew this guy my whole life…. I lose 1 everyday over this paper……ain’t seen this ni*ga in a year and he asked me for 5k thru twitter!”

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Conway doesn’t deny asking for the money but claims Mill changed his number and wouldn’t answer any of his messages. Read the exchange below.

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